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Jun 5, 2010
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Run Any D2 ROM on D2G!!!

Greeting Fellow Droiders,If your like me and you like the concept of flashing and re-flashing ROMs on your phone, but you purchased a Droid 2 Global, just to find out that the hardware is just different enough to frustrate the heck out of developers. And up until recently our only option was Fission. Which is a great ROM but it doesn't leave the variety that a lot of the other devices have.

Well fear no more Team Get~r~Done has developed a patch that takes a Droid 2 ROM and convert the necessary files over to make it work with the Droid 2 Global. Now the system isn't perfect yet, but I think that the two lead men for the team WoZzy and buryboi, will have that fixed within a few weeks. I seriously don't think this team sleeps. They are posting at all hours of the day and night, when I asked them for an interview, it was crazy, I went to bed and when I got up it was in my inbox. Normally I like to try and guess where developers are but these guys have me lost. The only answer is that they are super human. Whats even better is that one of them admitted to having no prior coding knowledge. Just goes to show you what a thought, and some determination can accomplish. With out further ado lets Get~R~Done....

What made you want to start this project?

Buryboi: Aside from Angdroid, there are no Developer's focused on the D2G. I'm not a dev per se, but I felt like I knew enough to take a crack at giving people options. I started trying to port the popular Liberty Rom for the D2G, after a few evenings messing with it, I had a nearly fully functional D2 Rom running on the D2Global. Along the way, I was posting my progress on Droidforums.net. WoZzy wanted to test what I had, so I put it together in a zip. After testing it a bit, WoZzy had the idea of starting a new deve team. He put together a website and Team Get~R~Done was born (WoZzy feel free to fill in the blanks)

WoZzY: It was a funny story I ran into BURYBOI @ The Droid Forums & he had posted about porting a D2 Rom over to the D2g using JEDIT & I offered to help out on the project a few days went by & i was thinking to myself Why not P.M BuryBoi & see if we could combine are forces for Good & bust into the D2g Community bogged down by lack of Dev support/Custom roms for such a beast device.To make a long story short The GET~R~DONE Dev team CAME TO BE. So far the rest is history.

Where do you see this Project going? is there the potential for the D2G to be able to run any ROM for any device?

Buryboi: Really I haven't looked into this one...yet. If it does work, it wont be a flash-and-go sort of thing. For example, Most Droid 1 Roms flash the kernel, which on a D2G could be detrimental. That being the case, the Droid 1 Rom would need to have the kernel and other portions removed prior to flashing, a little more hands on.

WoZzY: We have not really looked into or talk about it as the last 2 weeks have been so busy for are new Dev Team....I have looked into the d1 rom flashing & buryBoi is right i tried flashing one yesterday & i softbricked it as i was seeing if the D2g GET~R~Done Romer would just flash over the partions needed for it to work on the D2g But had very little luck ended up soft bricking my d2g thanks to TBH for the SBF savior & this project to happen as I am pretty sure me or buryBoi would not have attempted with out a D2G SBF.

Are you going to try to make this type of patch for other devices?

Buryboi: Right now, our focus is on bringing options to the D2G. This came about based on my desire to "tinker," I was messing around with different D2 ROMs on the D2G and got tired of manually switching out files. I threw together this tool for personal use, but then figured, maybe a few others would wanna give it a try.

WoZzY: BuryBoi said it best there are plenty of other devs for other devices we are currently totally vested into the D2g.

I know there is a problem with ROMs that include the kernel for a D2, do you plan on fixing this so D2G users can use any D2 ROMs regardless of this hurdle?

Buryboi: I actually am not aware of a specific D2 rom the flashes the kernel, I just wanted to make it clear that "if" a D2 rom tries to flash the D2 kernel to the D2G, there would probably be problems. Right now I'm more focused on getting our "sensor" issue taken care of (we have to disable all sensors or the phone soft resets when it sleeps)

WoZzY: this is news to me about the krnel issue as there cant be different kernels due to the fact that both D2/D2G bootloaders Are locked down by Big Bad MOTTO....The Dev Teams main concern is what BuryBoi Said The sensor issue is what really Holding The GET~R~DONE Romer tool back at this point.

Collectively how long has your team been coding?

Buryboi: Oh, I dunno...a couple of weeks. Seriously though, I cant speak for the others, but I have ZERO coding experience. I've built a few PC's, know my way around terminals (sort of), and threw together a bloatware script for D2G and DX. For the bloatware script I learned the Android updater-script (for flashing the script like a rom) and applied that knowledge to the D2G_Romer. I'm just a regular guy trying to fill a void.

Wozzy: as BuryBoi Stated cant speak for the entire Get~R~DONE dev team but to be honest I have very little coding Experience I am just a average joe filling the void in for the lack of the d2G dev support it Deserves but I am trying to learn as I go.

____________________________________________________What in your opinion is the best part of the Android platform?

Buryboi: The ability to customize, although I've gotta say I'm pretty disappointed in the manufacturers desire to lock down the hardware.

WoZzy: I like it being open source no hidden secrets.The best way To Describe it is THE ANDROID O.S IS AMERICA IPHONE O.s IS THE EVIL DICTATORSHIP lol it will fall just like EGYPT DID ...JUST THROWING IN SOME AWESOME CURRENT EVENTS. But I agree about the locked boot loaders it takes a little wind out of androids sails but in the the end the more experienced Devs like Koush & so on Bring a saying to mind "where there is a way There is a Will".

____________________________________________________How many times did you soft brick your phones during this project?

Buryboi: Three soft bricks thus far plus far more bootloops saved by Koush's Clockwork Recovery Bootstrapper.

WoZzY: 6 softbricks & COUNTLESS bootloops but like buryboi said saved by Koush's Clockwork Recovery Bootstrapper.

____________________________________________________ How many times have you actually bricked a phone durring this project?

Buryboi: None, call me lucky...

WoZzY: Twice when i tried to get D1 Roms on my phone had to SBF ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO TEAM BLACK HAT FOR THAT SBF PURCHASE THERE APP IN THE MARKET for 2.99$ To support there Great DEV TEAM.
The second time was trying to flash THE ULTIMATE DROID ROM FOR THE D2 Not working with THE GET~R~Done Romer tool.

____________________________________________________Were there any times that you just wanted to quit the project, and if so why?

Buryboi: Sure, but I'm probably a little OCD so I can't quit things. Gotta figure out the puzzle.

Wozzy: same as buryBoi I am also just as OCD CANT NOT LEAVE THINGS NOT FINISHED DRIVES ME LOOPY BUT WITH A F/T Time joB with weird hours & trying to get promoted there takes its toll on my Deving time but hey it is what is & I try in my spare time.

____________________________________________________ I wanted to ask your thoughts on locked boot loaders but I think we all know the answer, so why do you think companies shouldn't lock the bootloader?

Buryboi: You know, I understand a company's desire to want to protect their intellectual property, however, in an OS like Android that touts itself as being customizable, it is frustrating to see manufactures lock it down to the extent that they have. Personally, I'd be all for some kind of electronic watermark that triggered when a phone was customized (kinda like the little paper dots that tell providers the phone took a swim). That way, should a user decide, they could void the warranty, customize all they wanted, and when they broke it, have no way to go crying to the manufacturers and carriers.

Wozzy: I would love Unlocked bootloaders I feel we buy the devices we should do as we please & congress supported it last fall when they said modding/JailBreaking a device is legal rooting follows under that SO UNLOCK THEM BOOTLOADERS !!!!!

____________________________________________________ What is your favorite ROM, and if applicable theme for that ROM?

Buryboi: I really like Fission for the D2G, but would love to see updates. Liberty is great and has lots of tweaks available in their toolbox. Back in the Droid 1 days I was a fan of Cyanogenmod. I like factory clean looks and snappy response (how's that for skirting the question :) )


____________________________________________________Just for fun questions now, you can quit if you want. If you had to pick one person as your inspiration who would it be?

Buryboi: My super hot wife! (At any minute she could pull the plug on this whole thing, and thus far has been very patient with me being tied to my phone)


____________________________________________________For the most part Android devices come in two colors now White, and Black (C'mon the D2G is about one shade from black.), what color would you like to see these devices in?

Buryboi: Mine's in an otterbox...I'm not to concerned with color, but...the HTC Droid Inc has the whole removable back to get to the battery, it might be cool to get different colored covers for that thing (maybe somebody already make those). I'm all for giving people choices.

WoZZY: Color Don't MATTER IT is whats under the hood what counts for me.

That about Wraps up my questions, if you have any other comments you want to make then please Just add them in I am open to all sorts of input.

[FONT=&quot]Buryboi: Just to set the record straight, I wouldn't look at us as competition to Angdroid. He clearly actually knows what he's doing, I on the other hand simply guess. On the other hand though, if Team Get~R~Done is what spurs Devs to focus on D2G, we're fine with that.

Thank you for your time gentlemen, and please get back to coding and making great things for the Droid 2 Global.

[FONT=&quot]Well ladies and gentlemen, that sums up our interview, as you can see these guys are very dedicated to their work on the project, and Their humble to boot. When your are as smooth of a talker as these two gentlemen who needs front men. Keep following these two on Droidforums.net. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Keep your ears to the ground I'm sure we can expect more great things from these guys.


[/FONT]A Trip Through Android - A Link to Their Blog Site

A Trip Through Android: Run Any D2 ROM on D2G!!! -A Link on the story they did on us its the one I pasted above but if you want to see it on their site here's the Link.



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Congrats Woz and bury for making a name for yourselves and the team! Everyone on the forums, and everybody with a droid 2 global are glad to have Get-R-Done with us!!!