Y I did an FDR 4 fun. Moral of the story is.....

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    So I was home today with time to kill. Cold, windy, yuk weather day.

    So I said hey, why not do a FDR on my phone and maybe clean things up a bit, speed it up, tune it up, increase battery life etc. Dreams of turning my RAZR Maxx into a screaming Octo-core 12Gig 5G super phone.

    WRONG. All I did was cause myself 1 & 3/4 hours of trying to "put things back". It did nothing for the phone at all that I can see and caused me a flipping big PITA. (Pain in the ©®€)

    I still haven't got things back to normal. Simple things like disabling crap apps under settings, positioning of icons/shortcuts on the screens etc etc. Astonishingly difficulty task to say the least. And all that with the backup app I used. Without that I'd have tossed it in a swamp or something. :)

    Moral of the story........ Unless you need to, DON'T DO IT. lol.

    Anyway I passed some time, although foolishly and the weather still looks like crap.

    BTW: Happy Holidays to all.
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    Yea I am not looking forward to having to flash back to .211 for an upcoming OTA Update. There are a few good apps that can accomplish what you wanted to achieve without the FDR.
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