XT860 phone restarts when using data

Discussion in 'Maverick ROM D3' started by Silnocus, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Pardon my noobiness if this is something simple, but i've been searching all over this forum as well as over on xda, and i can't seem to find anywhere this is mentioned. I just rooted and installed mavrom 4.0 using the xt860 version posted over on xda using safestrap 1.08, and my phone is occasionally rebooting itself while using data, and also won't wake up from sleep during a phone call on occasion. I upgraded to this phone from my D1 about a month ago and switched to at&t from verizon, so i'm not used to having to change much since my og droid didn't really need much upkeep. Any kind of help or recommendations as to what might be the issue would be much appreciated as i mostly use this phone for voice, and would very much like my calls to stop being interrupted. I've wiped everything several times, and the problem always comes back. The only thing which seems to help at all is the memory tweaks in the toolbox, since it seems to happen much less when i'm using the deluxe memory tweaks. I'm a huge fan of this rom so far, and as far as i can tell this isn't a common issue, so i'd really like to resolve this instead of trying other roms.

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