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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by ilikemoneygreen, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Hi everyone! :happy3:

    Woke up this morning with a mediacom message that said my service had been cut off. I didnt feel like dealing with it right then but i still wanted to make my daily internet rounds so i just enabled my wireless tether on the phone. Im having a unique issue with the tether though, so I was then forced to deal with irritating mediacom robo phone lady to pay my bill and re enable the internet. So to fix my tether issue im on here.

    The issue is my phones connection just quits on me on any tether app. I have great 4g in my area, im right by a cell tower and get 4 4g bars all the time. To kinda let you picture this i when i enabled my tether this morning my connection quit went grey and showed one 3g bar. It looks like it reset itself as well (the connection i mean) . So i huffed, then uninstalled tether, and fiqured it was my rom. so i factory reset my phone and downloaded 155mb cyanogenmod m2. All latest radios. This download was done on my phone. Again i get constant 4g bars. Right after i tried tether again and it did the same dropping thing. So i installed M2 and get the same issue. Ive installed wifi tether, barnicle and easy tether. All get the same doodoo. Any ideas? Has verizon just cutting off data when tethers are enabled or something?

    Thanks for your help. :hail: