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Apr 7, 2010
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AZ, Superstition MTNs!
College student.


Silver Member, from AZ, Superstition MTNs!

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Oct 19, 2015
    1. DudeTotally
      yes, i liked a couple of your posts and a couple others. putting out some funny stuff. :)
    2. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      been pretty darn good :) thanks for asking! It's great to be back here though. Missed everyone. No place like home as they say. how the heck have you been? It's been a while lol
    3. Trusstopher
      I wonder if this counts towards my posts??
    4. ilikemoneygreen
      Haha wow, Im getting conflicting articles.. Super Fast Samsung Stealth Comes Out of Hiding | Gadget Lab |
      Everypage ive seen says the humingbird processor 1GHz Samsung Stealth 4G to hit Verizon April 14
      These articles are tad newer than the one you linked. I hope yours is right, i want that processor! And im not sure how quik the news team is but Motorola Droid 3, Droid X 2 and LTE-equipped Targa pictured? -- Engadget three phones with pics are news worthy...expecially that good looking Targa.
    5. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      Stealth V is supposed to have the Exynos. Lets hope it does

      Samsung Stealth V pays a visit to the FCC, is the phone known as Samsung 4G LTE smartphone - Phone Arena
    6. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      Luckily the Stealth V has same specs...come on money jump on the CHO CHOO train with me!
    7. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      You're getting me back for the ThunderBolt aren't you? HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    AZ, Superstition MTNs!
    College student.
    My phones nickname is "Oh Crap..." for the number of times ive dropped it. I love tinkering.

    Taking stuff apart, collecting things, Tinkering with phone etc..


    Turtle bit me.:icon_ cry:I thought they were slow....they snap so fast. :icon_ devil: ................. :hail: :motdroidvert: <3