Will the reception improve?

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    Looking to replace my OG Droid. I'm still torn between the Razr and the Galaxy Nexus.

    My OG has barely decent reception where I live. It's generally in the -88 to -98 range.

    I compared my droid in a store with these two phones. Mind you the store had a repeater, so even my DROID got decent reception tHere. But the razr was actually about 5 or 10 better than mine aNd the gnex was about 5 or so worse.

    So here is what I am looking at possibly
    OG Droid -88 to -98
    Razr -78 (at best) to -93
    Gnex -93 to -105 (at worst?)

    I love the fact that the Gnex is stock ICS, will be updated quicker, is easier to root/customize, seems to be supported by the droid community better.

    But what are your thoughts on the reception?
    Are these numbers decent enough to get the gnex? Or go safer with the razr?
    Will these numbers improve with updates or anything?


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