WiFi keeps switching to old service provider

Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate' started by blackjack1, Jun 27, 2011.

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    I recently switched from DirectTV to Comcast so naturally my internet provider went frm AT&T to Comcast.

    On my phone under WiFi I still see the WEP connection from the internet it got under DirectTV and that connection is always many bars stronger than the new connection that came from Comcast.

    The same as on my home computer. The DirectTV connection is still detected and is always excellent while the new Comcast connection is good or very good.

    But on my phone, it just switches on it's own. I'll disconnect from the old and connect to the new and later if I try to open my browser it'll say Web Unaviable and when I go into settings just as I suspected my new Comcast Home-4932809 connection isn't connected anymore. But I guess since it's not technically the internet I have it won't let me go online.

    I don't know what to do. I don't know of a way to delete it and if I do I worry because if the phone keeps switching it on it's own won't I just completely lose an internet connection since the phone OBVIOUSLY finds the Comcast connection unsuitable if it keeps switching over.