What would it take to get you to upgrade?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Jmoore1701, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I feel like I have the perfect phone in my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Neither the upcoming Note III not the Mega 6.3 hold any interest for me in terms of upgrading; that is, it's not worth it--to me--to go through the effort and cost to upgrade to get either of these new phones, although they are fantastic phones. The Note II handles calls, videos, games, Internet, photos, apps and Google Now perfectly for me.
    My question is this: no matter where you are on your contract, or whatever obstacles you face in upgrading... what would it take to get you to upgrade right now? I mean, what features would a phone have to have to compel you to drive to the nearest Verizon Store, point to that phone, and say, "Do what you gotta do to get that phone in my hands"?
    Now, I'm not asking about what the perfect phone would look like, although that may be your answer. I'm asking, what features would get you to give up your current phone TODAY, if it suddenly appeared at your retailer?
    I don't even know what mine would be, to be honest. The only feature out right now that I think is cool is the IR blaster on the SGS4. But I'd never upgrade just to get that one new feature. Maybe if a new phone also had a fingerprint reader, was utterly waterproof, could send me an email with its location if it was lost/missing, could link wirelessly to my TV, AND operate my car's remote entry, I'd be interested...

    Anyone else?