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    So I have a DROID. I love it. My wife wants one. So the plan was to get her one for Christmas but guess where I went? Best Buy. Right, they no longer exist there. So I contact customer service in mid January and ask them why Best Buy's phone is fifty dollars cheaper... VZW was nice enough to agree to give me the $50 credit if I can find a Droid 2. Needless to say, they cannot be found... only the more expensive Droid 2 Global. SOOO I contact customer service again and VZW says the $50 credit would apply to all Droid 2 devices. Awesome! Not so much... Toward the end of January I find out about the buy 1 get 1 promotion on the Droid 2 Global phone... so I go in on Febuary 2nd to get it and the promotion no longer exists... I missed it by less than 48 hours. I call customer service... "since I was going to buy the phone at Christmas but waited to hear from customer service why can't I get the promotion?" VZW says "theres nothing we can do I'll have a supervisor call you in 24 hours"... no call. I call on February 4th... "Hi was supposed to get a call back for xyz..." they say "oh ok I'll have them call you back in 24 hours..." nothing again. So I call again today same story...

    From my point of view... Verizon is indirectly responsible for me missing the promotion because I was dealing with their customer service at the end of January... Once my original price issue was resolved I go in there and the promotion for buy 1 get 1 is expired... I don't see the big deal. Offer me the promotion and you'll get an additional 30 bucks a month from me on an additional data plan...

    Wheres the problem?