Trillian kills my battery?

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    I got my droid 3 a week ago now.

    On the first day I got 6 hours of heavy usage on the stock battery which included 1 hr of donwloading and installing apps, about 3 hours of streaming and 2 hours in areas with low to no reception playing music.

    The day after that I popped in the extended battery and now on a normal day it will last about 10 hours. My normal day includes 2 hours of reading Pulse which updates every 6 hours, 2 hours in areas with low to no reception, and 4 hours of listening to music. The rest of the time it is in the holster in areas with good reception. After finishing a charge and leaving it off the charger for the rest of the night while I sleep it drains down from 100 to 80-84 by the time I wake which is about 6-7 hours later. The only thing that I can think of that I have installed that could cause this is pulse, trillian, and drop box.

    TL; DR: I know it can't be pulse or drop box. Trillian is on auto start and is on as long as my phone is on. So my question is trillian known to be a battery hog and should I use an alternative chat program.
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