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Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by georgepink, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Since Wugfresh put out his theme port <thank you> it doesn't matter as much, but for info's sake, I'm on Liberty 1.5, and the theme I'm looking for is a total transparent theme.

    I would like all of my widgets: news and weather, facebook, twitter, handcent, power, google search, pandora, slacker, voice search, music, you tube, and google voice completely background transparent. Also, dialer and status bar. What I was hoping is these mods only in the theme, leaving everything else alone. I have watermark for liberty installed and LOVE the icons, but the one thing no theme has accomplished yet is something totally transparent like this (at least to my knowledge).

    I have individual .apk's for some of these (slacker, pandora, you tube, google search, etc), but they no longer work on 1.5 (most didn't work on Liberty 1.0 either). I have searched and found a theme for another device that had a lot of this already done, and I tried wugfresh's theme port on it, but it just didn't mod anything (probably due to being on a different device?)

    I know it's possible, (not by me, though, I'm not talented like these themers), but has anyone done this yet?

    if anyone knows of something done similar to this, please let me know. Also, I do thank all the devs and themers around here, the work they put in, sometimes for no more than a thank you, is much appreciated.

    Thanks for looking and for any input. Sorry for the verbose post.