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Dec 11, 2011
    1. C3P0
      Hey supr2nr thanks so much for your guide. Even though my drivers were up to date I did a manual uninstall-reinstall-computer restart. Seemed to fix the issue. Your guide worked perfectly on the 1st try. I hope you continue to supply such detailed and picture enriched tuts in the future.
      -The droid your looking for
    2. C3P0
      Hey man I've been having an issue with the partitioning..I understand and GREATLY appreciate your guide, issue is after doing the SDK update part, my droid no longer shows up when plugged into and mounted on my computer. My drivers are updated. Any ideas?
    3. BamaFan13
      Thanx for the reply...I am using the black ice theme on the newest cyanogen mod rom
    4. BamaFan13
      Hey do u have any ideas as to y some of my apps won't theme? For instance, maps, facebook, and google voice aren't theming. Facebook shows its applyin but it does nothing. The other two say the file doesn't exist so it skips it...what's the deal?
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    Droid X, Rubix Focused 2.0.1.