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    I walked into a VZW reseller the other day to test a few new phones, anticipating upgrading at some point. I am currently off contract and on the old unlimited data plan.
    While I was in conversation with the salesperson she told me that VZW has (or had) a special deal for those of us converting from unlimited data to a new contract.
    The deal was this: as a last resort to closing a sale or if the customer is balking on a commitment, she is (or used to be) authorized by VZW to offer a 6GB plan for the price of a 2GB plan, but only for us unlimited data users who are considering leaving unlimited data. I didn't get into further detail with her, but I assume that this is for the 2 year life of the new contract. She then told me that she has processed these in the past, but hasn't done one recently and was unsure if the deal was still good. Then she proceeded to tell me that I would have to choose my new phone and be in the process of activation, at which time she would be made aware of the existence (or not) of this offer, presumably through the process of accessing my account, etc. I didn't ask if I had the option to back out of the sale if the 6GB deal was no longer offered.

    Is this for real?

    Is this the Max program, and if anyone has it can you share details? Thanks.
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    Yes it's real. This is the Max program.
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