Slacker Radio problems, possibly related to Liberty?

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM D3' started by The_Joe, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Jan 5, 2012
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    I flashed to Liberty last night, and I am impressed!

    Went from CM9, which lasted about an hour. Interesting, but the lack of cam was a deal breaker.
    Tried Steel Droid, it was good, but didnt work exactly right for me. After about 3 hours of playing around I switched to Liberty and I love it.

    The only place I am running into difficulty is with Slacker. Not sure this is even Liberty related, but perhaps you can help me. Slacker will no longer load into Cache.

    This worked fine on stock rom. I downloaded the newest version of slacker, and now it will not Cache my station. This is upsetting since I am on a limited data plan and use my Slacker Plus account during my shifts.

    I have uninstalled slacker and reinstalled it. Still stalls while refreshing.
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