Screen comparison between the RAZR, Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus.

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by winner00, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Here's a nice screen comparison between Verizon's 3 big phones: Screen Comparison: Galaxy Nexus vs. DROID RAZR vs. HTC Rezound – Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

    I prefer the Nexus's screen because I like the "pop" over the Rezounds SLCD screen and you probably can't tell a difference between the clarity.
    It looks like the pentile on the Nexus is a lot better then the RAZR.
    Overall they all look like good displays.

    Like he says in the video its all opinion.
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    I personally don't like OLED displays because they all seem to be incapable of displaying white and will tint to a significant color.

    Give me a quality IPS LCD any day, but it's not like we have much of a choice with these Android devices.
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    Thats the point I've been trying to get across ever since I actually saw the Amoled screen on the RAZR. In actual real world it really THAT much of a difference? At normal viewing distances? For EVERYTHING? That first pic is very telling...says alot. Cuz I first saw this post on my phone....I really couldnt tell the difference in the first pic as far as the letters. Only the backgrounds stood out. On my 22" 1080p monitor, yea I can see the differences better in the first pic. Even the 2nd pic, on my phone its not as bad. And on my phone the G Nex screenshot looked the best in the 2nd pic.

    In that 2nd pic they ALL look like looking thru a screen door on my PC The Rezound and RAZR...they both look bad on my monitor. The RAZR looks like a colorful screen door, the Rezound looks like a grey screen door...I may give the nod to the G Nex in the 2nd pic too aslooking the best. But in that 2nd shot I would put the RAZR last....:frown: lol. Looking at it on my PC monitor and phone.

    My rankings:

    Looking at it on my PC monitor:
    1st pic - Rezound, G Nex, RAZR. Overall the Rezound looked the best cuz of the background. I could see some jaggies on the W and the V on the RAZR shot. still looked sharp.
    2nd shot - G Nex, Rezound, RAZR. In the 2nd shot the background looked the best on the G Nex. Can make out the Pentile issues on the RAZR shot more.

    Looking at it on my phone:
    1st pic - Rezound, G Nex, RAZR. The letters looked good, sharp in all 3 shots, but the background was the best on the Rezound. RAZR doesnt look like Pentile. Again...the letter looked good, sharp in ALL 3
    2nd pic - G Nex, Rezound, RAZR. 2nd shot the background looked the best on the G Nex. Whats wild is on my phone both the Rezound and RAZR looked like Pentile, while the G Nex looked the best. Again this is based on the backgrounds in the shots.

    On my phone, both pics G Nex looks like it doesnt have Pentile....1st pic, Rezound looks the best, 2nd pic Rezound looks like Pentile.

    ALL this is at normal viewing distances....on my RAZR......for when I looked at them on my phone. Seems like the Achilles Heel for the RAZR screen is the backgrounds the letters will be on. And I agree the Pentile setup on the G Nex looked better than on the RAZR. Seems that screen res does help, or does it have a different Pentile setup?
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