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    @ Phat B i tried ubuntu 11.04 last night and got to about where yours stopped i'm going to get ubuntu10.10 running on one of my machines and see if it solves the issue. this is the output i got last night

    SBF FLASH 1.23 (mbm)

    === VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf ===
    00: RDL03 0x82000000-0x8204CFFF 3C38 AP
    01: RDL01 0x00800000-0x008FFFFF 9FA3 BP
    02: CG05 0x00000000-0x016B9BE7 B8BE BP
    03: CG31 0xB0280000-0xB02847FF 2010 AP
    04: CG33 0xB2100000-0xB2CC07FF 77BA AP
    05: CG34 0xB0700000-0xB07047FF F949 AP
    06: CG35 0xB1000000-0xB17FFFFF B52D AP
    07: CG39 0xB3200000-0xC49C07FF E9E1 AP
    08: CG40 0xC4A00000-0xC4A00FFF FDFF AP
    09: CG42 0xB0800000-0xB083FFFF 7479 AP
    10: CG47 0xB1800000-0xB20FFFFF 3C98 AP
    11: CG61 0xB0B00000-0xB0B7FFFF E20A AP
    12: CG64 0xB0000000-0xB00047FF 70B1 AP
    13: CG65 0xB0180000-0xB01847FF B561 AP
    14: CG66 0xD0800000-0xD83B07FF 3730 AP

    >> waiting for phone: Connected.
    >> uploading RDL03: 100.0%
    -- OK
    >> verifying ramloader
    -- OK
    >> executing ramloader

    RX(7): [02]ERR[1e]G[03]
    !! failed
    >> rebooting
    exusb_bulk_read -19

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    Nice tutorial, although I got most of my info from some one else(forgot who but the name is in my post). I am running Kubuntu 12.10 these days, where as I was a windoze user at the time I posted my thread. For Kubuntu I found I had to do sudo ./sbf_flash.bin VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf. I did not test, but sudo sh sbf_flash.bin VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf may also work. Sudo can play funny when dealing with a binary not in the a system path. Anyways thanks for the tutorial!
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