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    List of Files/Links: you will need all these files for my tutorial

    Link to Linux SBF

    Z4 Root

    Droid 2 Bootstrap

    Gingerbread Files (upgrade from Froyo) - Part 1 Part 2

    *Disclaimer* I am not responsible for any damage you do to your device. If you follow my instructions and ask questions before you do something you will be fine. If you don't follow instructions to the letter you will probably brick your device and have to start all over. This is easy to do as long as you don't jump the gun or freak out. If something unexpected comes up just ask a question and someone can help you. For the most part you cannot mess up your device so far as it cannot be recovered, but if you are in a menu that has scary stuff in it and you don't know what it is... don't do anything...lol. This is your phone and you take responsibility for it. This process will erase all data on your phone. Backup all your information that you need to keep.

    So once you download everything you need do it all in this order....

    SBF Your Phone
    -Create your SBF linux cd...
    -boot the linux cd on your computer and follow the instructions (just hit enter at the "boot baby boot" screen and then enter if it asks you about video/sound cards"
    -power off your phone and then hold down the volume down button, camera and power at the same time (should see a small flash on the screen immediately, then release all and you will be in the bootloader)
    - hit 1 on your computer at the prompt and make sure you have your phone and computer plugged to eachother (do not SBF if you have a low battery, I always recommend doing it with at least 80% battery)
    -when all is finished your phone will power off and back on... unplug it and pull the battery. put the battery back in and hold down the home button while you power the device back on... keep holding the home button till you see a triangle with an exclamation point, then let go and hit the search button once. use the volume buttons to move down to "wipe data/cache" press the camera button halfway down (it has 2 sensitivities, just like a point and shoot camera does to focus) then scroll down to "yes" and do a half press again. (if upon the first selection it returns back to the main screen quickly you pressed too hard and accidentally selected "no" instead of yes.) when it finishes (2 - 3 minutes) select "reboot" using the camera button again.
    -it will reboot and take a while to do so.

    *Alternate SBF Method*
    A few people asked me to add the original way to SBF your device. I have found that a lot of newcomers to android have problems with the right drivers and such for RSDLite, but once you get it set up it is super simple as well. RoOoLer has made a great guide for this and to keep me from typing it all over again... I am simply going to give him credit and add the link here... RoOLeR's Guide to RSDLite and SBFing

    Rooting Your Froyo System .340
    -just skip all the setup the first time around by pressing "top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left" quickly (it will go to your home screen now)
    -using the "files" inside of the app drawer go and find where you put z4root at and click on it to install
    -it will ask you to go to settings, go to settings and enable "unknown sources" then also go to development and enable "usb debugging" while your at it. then hit back on click on z4 root again and install.
    -phone will do its thing and reboot.
    -go to files again after reboot and install droid2bootstrapper.
    -after installed open and click on the top button, click ok or yes when a popup comes up. then click on the bottom button once it says success.

    Installing Rooted Gingerbread
    -your phone will reboot into clockwork recovery. (volume buttons to move up and down, camera to select)
    -go to install from sd card
    -choose zip from sd card
    -fine the part 1 file of gingerbread and select using camera (will take about 10 mins)
    -after it finishes part 1 go back to choose zip from sdcard and select part 2 (will take about 5 mins)
    -after both parts are installed and only after both parts are installed use your back button to go back to the main menu and select advanced and then wipe dalvik cache
    -then go back to main menu and reboot
    -you are now going to have a long boot and be on gingerbread rooted.

    Installing a custom Gingergread ROM (Liberty specifically but instructions are generic, this is how you always install a custom rom)
    -to install liberty go back to droid 2 bootstrapper and click reboot
    -wipe data/cache (always do when installing a new ROM)
    -then select install from zip
    -select zip from sdcard
    -select liberty zip that you downloaded and it will install (about 10 mins)
    -once you reboot into liberty proceed to setup your phone as you want.

    Please post with any questions, I don't think I left anything out.

    Explination of what the files are that you will need, if you don't care what they actually do all this section below is, is further information, if you completed all above without error the rest of this is just casual reading. But I recommend reading it if its your first time so you don't mess anything up.

    And to do an easy SBF... just make the linux cd included in the root tutorial sticky... located here ----> Creating a bootable linux CD soley to SBF *headache free*
    I find this the easiest thing for new people to SBF... just remember once you SBF to go into stock recovery and wipe data/cache.

    You will also need z4root to actually root your device once you SBF and boot back to Froyo for the first time... it can be found here ----> [APP] z4root - xda-developers

    Uploaded Droid 2 Bootstrap for you on mediafire found here ----> Droid2Bootstrap.apk DO NOT USE Droid X bootstrap, it isn't comparable with gingerbread and the Droid 2 bootstrap will work with our Froyo and Gingerbread.

    The 2 files you will need to upgrade after you SBF to a rooted gingerbread is located here ----> File Part 1 - Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! and File Part 2 - Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Link of Liberty 0.8 is here ---> [ROM] Liberty Gingerbread
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    I'm a Guide over at Android Forums... put this tutorial together over there for DX users and figured people at Droid Forums could use it too.
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