Using Linux to SBF (Cont'd from "SBF with Linux...")

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    I posted last night.

    I left this part dangling and wanted to elaborate.
    I'm going to outline a way that you can SFB with Linux without overwriting your current operating system.

    1. Your computer must be able to boot from the CD. I'm sure this is possible with any computer you have (I have this OS installed on a computer that I built in 2000(!) that I'm still using!!).You'll need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS so your computer boots from the CD player. (There are myriad ways to to do this. My experience is either hitting "F2" or the "Delete" button. When you see the screen flash the BIOS screen, press the appropriate button (Do a web search for you computer model to figure it out which button to press and when to press it)).
    2. A blank CD. (for burning the OS image onto (imagine that, a fully functioning OS that doesn't need a DVD...(~500 Mb!)))
    3. A CD burner (there may be a way to get this onto an USB stick, but I have no experience with doing that).

    I use Ubuntu 10.10. The link above will get you Ubuntu 11.04, the newest version of Ubuntu. I've installed it and have found it buggy, your mileage may vary (it's just out of beta, I'm going to wait a while before implementing it).
    This link (Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)) will lead you to Ubuntu 10.10 (very stable, IMO). Either way, click on, depending on your computer, "PC (Intel x86) desktop CD" or "64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD" (x86 for 32 bit and duh for 64 bit).
    Steps: (for Ubuntu 10.10)
    1. Download the OS ISO image.
    2. Burn it onto the CD.
    3. Boot the CD.
    4. You'll see this:, click "Try Ubuntu"
    5. Wait for the OS to load into memory(!).
    6. You'll see this screen:
    7. Click "Applications" in the upper left hand corner of the sscreen.
    8. Go to Accessories -> Terminal. You'll see this screen:
    9. Once your here follow the steps posted here:

    Remember, this OS is running off of your CD drive... it's not going to work as quickly as if it was installed on your computer.... there's going to be some lag. It loads what it needs to accomplish the task you tell it to, so there's a lot of read/write time.

    This, I believe is fail-safe. I haven't SBF'd w/RSDLite, but have read elsewhere that it's not as intuitive as this method.

    Vaya con dios!
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