Samsung's Latest Bioprocessor Can Monitor Muscle Mass, Stress Levels, Skin Temp & More

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Dec 30, 2015.

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    It's starting to get almost scary how much biosensors can tell about us now. In fact, we are getting very close to technology that resembles the "Tricorder" medical tech device found in the Star Trek series.

    Samsung developed a new bioprocessor that they claim is the world’s first “all-in-one” chipset of its kind. According to their released info, this new bioprocessor has sensors that can detect all of the following and monitor them in real time:
    • Body fat
    • Skeletal muscle mass
    • Heart rate
    • Heart rhythm
    • Skin temperature
    • Stress level
    There's no clue from Sammy yet on which devices will get this new tech in the future. It's possible/probably they will license the tech out, and/or build the bioprocessor to sell to other folks. It's also likely it will show up in some future iteration of a Samsung Gear device. We will keep an eye out for the first device to include this hot innovation.

    Source: KoreaHerald