Samsung Gear S3 Ads Leaked!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 22, 2016.

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    We already know that Samsung is working on a third Gear S smartwatch, but so far we don't know much about what they are cooking up. All we know about the watch so far is the codename which is "Solis" and the fact that it will be running Tizen and not Android Wear. There have also been rumors that the Gear S3 will feature a "super luxurious" design. This seems to be confirmed by a pair of leaked ads.

    The images are not very clear and it is really hard to distinguish if these images are real or fake. We do see a metal rose gold watch band, the rotating front bezel from the Gear S2, and the words "Gear S3". These images come from the Tizen Cafe twitter feed. We expect Samsung to announce the next gen Gear S smartwatch at IFA in September.

    via TizenCafe
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    Small and round.
    Oh well. That'll just save me more coin by not upgrading .
    As an S1 user the S2 was a pretty large step down in not only physical screen size and usable screen but overall capability while only adding a bezel button doo dad thingy to wow the masses. If true, they're just adding a little more bling and nothing for anyone to get excited about beyond plastic eye candy.

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    I love that Crapple added the ability to remove bloatware
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