Rooted Droid stuck at Droid "Eye" cant access Recovery Console!

Discussion in 'Droid Rooted Help' started by ho0d0o, Oct 23, 2010.

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    OK. Using RM and clockwork recovery I was running Cyanogenmod 5.x I tried flashing a rooted rom of Froyo 2.2 (this rom was from the RM download list) so I could use Flash10 on my phone for once as Cyanogenmod doesn't have support for it.

    After backing up the current CM rom and starting the install for the new ROM it got all the way to actual Android home screen (showed no icons though) and did what I thought was sync my apps. After waiting a while I decided to restart the phone...

    Now I'm stuck at the Droid Eye loading screen and I can't boot into the Recovery Console (for clockwork) I just get a "Phone with !" icon...

    Edit: Yeah after waiting for a while it still won't load the OS. Just the ever moving Droid Eye boot animation...If I could boot into Clockword Recovery Console I'm sure I could just reload my old Cyanogenmod backup...but alas no CW recovery console for me...I'm thinking what I unwittingly did is flash a non-rooted rom over top CW/RM and Cyanogenmod nullifying my CW recovery console?

    Help please? Is my best bet to do this with RSD Lite and SPRecovery?

    IMPORTANT EDIT: I fixed the problem but not the way I wanted to go about it. Heres what I did:

    I used the regular recovery console and reset the phone to factory conditions. This somehow maintained my ROOT access and went through the process of setting up my phone like it was new (even auto-calling VZW to establish my phone) If your using Rom Manager and CW recovery console to make backups of ROMs you like to use or try...there is always a risk of something going wrong. I was scared as hell at first but I chilled myself out and reset the phone accordingly.

    If anyone else has the same problem I had and needs help feel free to email me: (ill try my best to help)
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    Well, first, I am glad you got it fixed.

    But, if I may point a few things out for the future readers. First and foremost, you were coming from a 2.1 rom (i.e. CM 5.x) to a froyo (2.2)rom and you didn't do a factory (according to your post) data wipe first (which you did do after your important edit). This is a confirmed fact to cause a plethora of problems up to and including all the ones you experienced. And another VERY important thing I want to point out to the future readers. Doing a factory data reset does NOT remove root, even though it 'looks' like you have a new phone because you have to sign back into your google account.

    At the end of the day, to me at least, I guess even though some call ROM manager a 'one click' solution, and to be avoided at all costs, it really isn't. Why? Because of all of us that never have any problems with it.