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    If you are going to flash a custom rom to your Samsung device you will want to be sure to also have Triangle Away since most Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many custom roms you have flashed. Obviously you would want to clear this flash counter before returning the phone for warranty purposes or taking it back to the store for any reason. Some devices also display a yellow triangle along with the flash counter in Odin Mode. Developer "Chainfire" developed the app Triangle Away which will clear both the flash counter and triangle.

    Chainfire has recently updated the triangle away app. Samsung has been switching things up in their bootloaders, their system, and their protection. Chainfire managed to get support for the Note 3! The only thing that could be better about this app is if it were able to clear the Knox warranty void status which it is not able to do. You can grab the update in the Play Store.

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