REZROM ICS OTA Download and Error

Discussion in 'HTC Rezound Development' started by alpinewil81, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Hey everyone!!! Just wanted to say thanks to all those who helped me root and unlock my ReZound upon first purchase earlier this year, I couldn't be happier... until now.

    So.... this hole ICS download thing is driving me crazy. It constantly tries to download the OTA 7mb file, goes into a reboot state, errors, and then allows me to reboot normally. How long will this continue and what can I do to defeat this. I'm not worried about the ICS as I obviously have ReZrom and a rooted phone for a reason.

    If anyone has any suggestions to end the dilemma, or a solution, or a patch please let me know. I'll be in a 4G area all weekend and can do more there if necessary, that is between races on the 1/4 mile :blink:.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!!!

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