Replacement of Stock apps?

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by Braekyn, Aug 10, 2013.

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    I've just rooted my new Galaxy Ace 2x, and I've gotten pretty much everything set up as I want it - New launcher, SMS, Dailer, Contacts, Lock Screen, Browser, Keyboard, etc. Now, I don't have a ton of room or RAM on my phone, and I was wondering if I would be able to remove the stock versions of any of these, and what kind of effects that would have.
    Note that anything I remove would be backed up either on my computer, or my SD.
    I'm not sure if the default launcher can be removed in the first place, but if it can, will it effect GO Launcher? Does GO piggy-back off of the stock launcher, or would it be safe to remove?
    Pretty much the same for the SMS and Dailer and the rest - are they only replacing the interface and piggybacking the functionality off of the stock, or will they work without the originals?

    So, could someone give me a blow-by-blow of what effects each will have if they are removed?