Problem with storage on JB after Root

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    I finally upgraded from GB and now I'm running JB. I was eventually able to root with razr_blade. However, something is wrong with my internal storage and sdcard now. First of all, if I go to Settings > Storage, I get an error "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped."

    Before the upgrade I had swapped my SDcard with my internal storage through /etc/void.fstab and it was working beautifully (I had ~13 GB of music that Google Music would only use the internal storage for). Before the upgrade I made sure to switch those back by restoring the original void.fstab.

    Now with Root Explorer if I browse to /sdcard I get an error that says "The SD card is not currently mounted". If I browse to /sdcard-ext it just shows an empty folder. I took out the SDcard and checked it on my computer and everything is still there.

    I tried loading up my previous version of void.fstab to switch the SD card and internal storage again, but that didn't work.

    Has anybody else ran into this problem? Does anyone know where I might look for a solution? I noticed another file at /fstab.mapphone_cdma. Do I need to edit this one instead of /etc/void.fstab in JB on the Droid 4?

    Thank you to anyone that can provide more insight to this.
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