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Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by Doksa, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Maybe I am just clueless, but can someone please give me a hand figuring this out?

    I use the Elixir widget which shows internal and external storage. For internal it say I have 968M remaining. For external 7.3GB.

    However, when I go to Settings>Storage is says Internal Storage/Storage/SDCard0 is 7.32GB remaining. SDCard/Storage/SDCard1 has over 14 remaining.

    When I go to individual apps, some have a "move to internal storage" option while others have a "move to phone" option.

    I'm trying to move as much as possible to my SD Card. My thought right now is that hardly anything is on it, but I could be wrong. Mainly because all the stuff above is confusing the crap out of me!
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    i cant explain the difference in readings. if i had to guess i would say the widget is wrong for whatever reason. i find it hard to believe the phone settings would give false figures.
    as for moving apps to the sd, doing so, especially when its not necessary because there appears to be plenty of space, is going to create lag.
    if you do run low on space, your phone will operate far more efficiently if you leave as many apps as possible on it, and move video's, pics, etc to the sd.