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    Been using pocketcasts for years and I had to uninstall and then re-install pocketcasts on my s4 android phone.

    Got pocketcasts before sync was an option, so i do not have a pocket casts account and cannot sync to solve this problem below....

    After reinstalling the app, all of my podcast are gone, they are not showing up. I had 50+ podcasts, several playlists and downloaded podcasts.

    I'm pretty sure i was saving the old data on my ext card in this location: \SCH-I545\Card\PocketCasts ...when into storage settings and made that my "custom storage location" but it's not restoring any of that data to the dashboard.

    how do i reconnect pocketcasts with the data that is stored on my phone so that all of my podcasts will show back up in the app dashboard0?