Not really Droid question, but Verizon Wireless and Military Discount

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    This isn't quite a Droid question, but I figure there's bound to be a few others that have Droids and the military discount.

    I looked at all the voice/text plans and settled for the 450 minute single plan (39.99/mo) and there's a 500 text / unlimited Verizon text pkg for $10/mo. It looks like I get 15% off the voice and 12% off the data plan, but nothing for the text plan. Does anyone else get a discount for the text plan?

    I looked at all the packages to find the least expensive option, and the $39.99 + $10 + $29.99 is the cheapest plan. I call mainly Verizon phones and text my buddies that have Verizon, and I use about 2-3GB of data a month, but it'd be great to save a few bux for the text plan w/ the .MIL discount.
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