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Mar 13, 2012
    1. DroidVicious
      Hey there, I was referred to you by TankNSpank. I'm trying to join the family of ROM Dev's for the Moto Droid 1.. Please let me know if you can help me out, I'd like to get a section up.. I'm friends with Jamezelle... Thanks!!
    2. Haloman800
      Hey bro, first off thanks for all the info you've shared on the HTC Mecha / Incredible HD. I just wanted to ask if you've heard a new release date?

      This phone has absolutely everything on my checklist for the perfect phone. I don't mind waiting but I'm making my mom wait as well, since she wants the Droid 2 and it's buy one and get any phone free, so I can't make her wait forever.

      Once again thank you so much for everything.
    3. anitamargaritaontherocks
      Hi, I seem not to have permission to start a thread. I special permission necessary? Thanks!
    4. nevilos
      hi.. im new. could u help me?
    5. davesr72
      Hey man, I was wondering if it were possible to get my user/login name to be changed to WagZ. That is what i normally use on most forums, and in the IRC, and it gets confusing for me and others. When i post a message here i would like it to be under WagZ, not davesr72. If this is possible, let me know, if not, i suppose i can suffice. Thanx...
    6. chkmate
      Hey Miami. Don't like PM'ing you like this, but didn't want to post a thread for this issue. What's the status on people using their "Donate" button for Pay Pal on this forum. Wasn't sure if you were fine with it or not. I've seen them on a few user sig's, but noticed more people not using them. Didn't know if it was personal or due to something else.

    7. MeganLeigh1122
      Hi Miami, I noticed that the thread on the droid incredible HD was closed yesterday... the last post (by HookBill) said that if you had any more information on the phone you would say it. Are you still able to post information in the thread (like pictures, specs, etc.) because you're an administrator?
    8. viper1549
      sup buddy, im not one to pm directly but between you and me should i just hold off on checking up until tomorrow? just curious.. at least if i know its not coming i wont be in a way expecting it cause i cant stop checking the thread lol.. anything you say is between me and you im not posting anything i dont think until the new thread is up
    9. rnoh
      is thrre any way that you can send me the sbf x is stuck at the m logo after doing the update!!!???
    10. liquidzgrl
      I LOVE your profile biography I agree 100% if only more people could realize those two things lives would be changed and the world would be a better place.
    11. jwhite.pua
      Hey, so i heard about the droidmod updater incident. Though i'm wondering what to do right now because i want to root with the updater but every time it tells me to update or 0.1.2 and yet nothing is on the market because it was taken down. Droidmod was the only way i could root coming from a mac ppc! How do i get it to work!
    12. carmanhere
      screen more widgets. my N is not working
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