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    I loved the og droid, the combination of the look, feel, commercial success, and the full openness to allow the user to customize to an entirely different level on the grand stage of the nation's largest carrier has helped its success. And though we look and wish for more phones like it lets remember some of the things that drove us nuts.

    1) dust getting behind the screen... Though this was not a wide spread issue it did effect some and made people ask why they did not do a better job with the build quality to prevent that.

    2) 3.5 head phone jack: Yes this issue effected a lot of people and it was because of the way the phone was designed. I actually remember experiencing this issue and how frustrating it was for your music to stop playing because you were moving/ running. Thankfully Motorola learned from this and the d2 headphone jack was much improved.
    Keyboard: the flat keyboard keys was probably the one thing every critic complained about. Though many started to just use the one screen keyboard, or just preferred it, that keyboard design was just flat. But this too Motorola improved with each new droid.
    Battery door: I must admit I did not have an issue with this, for one I kept a case around my phone and plus as we got into different roms and hacks there were times I was glad my battery door was not a bare to get off. When vzw sent me a d2 as a warranty replacement for my d1 I did not like the new battery door that was harder to remove so I kept my d1 battery door. Nevertheless the issue was enough for Motorola to make changes that eventually resulted in a non removable battery.
    video playback (particularly streaming). When the droid incredible launched people just like how smooth it handled streaming such as YouTube, NFL mobile, etc. Even with the d1 overclocked it still had a little choppiness compared to the incredible. Now I list this last because one the incredible was newer technology and two this is probably one of those preferences that people may see differently.

    I bring all that up because many of us, including myself, find ourselves looking at the good ole days but forget during that time we were dreaming of phones with bigger screens and faster processors. And now we have along with phones that are built better, maybe not as solid, but rarely do we have newer phones with the issue of dust behind the screen, poor headphone jack, or the phone having parts fall off from poor qc . Yes we are still fighting the fight of openness like the og droid but I think carriers will settle for the nexus being the phone for modders and continue concentrating on the things that are appeasing to the average user.
    I must admit the phones now are faster, have better cameras, have better sound quality, and are lighter. Even the og droid screen would crack if dropped a certain way.... I understood that then and now which is why I will at least put a $10 gel case on it.

    So has android evolved in your eyes for the good, bad, or so so.

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    Great write up PC. Could not agree more with your closing statements.
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    Android has come a long way since the original droid. I still use mine as an alarm clock in the docking station. Sometimes I use it around the house. It's rooted, but it still has homescreen redraws and lags some. Back in the day it was nice, but the phones out now are much improved.