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May 31, 2020
    1. cujo6801
      Don't know how to make it smaller so I just deleted it
    2. dfuser312553
    3. awhitt
      Hey man Jw cause of your signature/ picture... your in the marines now or? I just got out of the navy back in aug where I did 3 years as a corpsman with an infantry battalion outta camp lejeune. Also i see yohr pretty active here and im looking to root my droidx (it has the 2.2 update) and honestly i have no clue where to start. Im fairly competent when it comes to tech stuff but apparently nowhere near the level as alot of people here... any suggestions on where to start or possibly the most "idiot-proof" method of rooting? Also I want to note that I have no unrealistic expectations about what I will do after rooting; I really just need the wifi hotspot thing (can't really afford it thru VZW right now) and wont even think about ROMs, etc unill I have done ALOT more research. Thanks alot, Alan
    4. joeLENN1012
      I was wondering if you could I rooted my DX using easy root and everything came out fine...I noticed there are these sick themes for swype people have created and I was wondering if anybody could give me a step by step, Im talking the most detailed you can possibly get...what apps I will need and everything...anyway thanks for your help!
    5. xXbrick84Xx
      I love your avatar and your signature lol
    6. JDMDC2
      Horrible moderator... :)
    7. mjohn511
      New to forums. Is there a way for me to show the most recent post in any category i want to view? Or do i have to just go to the last page to see the most recent post.
    8. kweather99
      Sorry for the random private message, but I'm wondering why this is my status (why can't I post, etc.?):
      You may post new threads
      You may post replies
      You may post attachments
      You may edit your posts

      Thanks in advance

      Edit: disregard, I see now that this status only applies to the Blackdroid forum. I understand there are some administrative things going on with that forum. (you may want to post a sticky to everyone so they know?) IMHO
    9. unix.punkx
      Congrats on your second promotion!
    10. unix.punkx
      Moderator! Congrats
    11. KZIWarrior
      congrats on the promotion
    12. racklefratz
      You and I seem to be on similar wavelengths - your forum posts I've seen have been right on target. Funny how some of these people get all wrapped around the axle about things sometimes.

      Noticed your sig line too - I quote that often to people. I also carry - licensed concealed.


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