New to forums/Note II. Some thoughts/questions...

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 2' started by Nailzaz, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,

    New to the forum and recently got a Note 2. I have some thoughts and questions, happy to find other Note 2 owners :)
    Love this phone! The display, the battery life, the speed - this is what an android is supposed to be. Here are my thoughts...

    S Pen:
    I want to use it, but I find I don't. I probably would if SNote would create a note that would remind me to look at it (say in the Calender or Tasks), but the notes just go to the app, which I forget to open. Any ideas?

    S Voice:
    I'm still comparing it Google Now. SVoice seems more intuitive/fun. But it doesn't navigate to a contact's address and don't see a way to do that.
    Also, I get an error whenever I try to connect to Twitter. Tech support had no idea how to help. If anyone has a solution, I am all ears.

    Kias Air:
    Doesn't seem to work because of Verizon.

    Multi Window:
    Limited apps (again Verizon I think).

    Not sure which to use, Chrome, Default?

    Google Tasks:
    I use Agenda Widget and Gtasks, which work. But they don't sync with the Calendar Tasks. A developer told me that Samsung has "locked" their tasks so they don't sync with 3rd party apps.

    I synched music with Windows Media Player, but my music didn't show up in the Music Player, I had to move it from the external SD to internal.

    Sometimes very slow showing thumbnails.
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    Syncing with WMP is the only way I've found to easily sync music, not sure why its not working for you. As for gallery, use Quick pic its a million times better and ultra fast.