New Humble Bundle Brings You 6 Popular Games For $5!

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    The new Humble Bundle is finally here! Humble Bundle is a program that allows you to pay what you think the apps provided in the package are worth. Developers participate to raise money for charity. You can choose the portion of what you pay goes to the developer and which portion goes to charity. Charities supported by Humble Bundle include Electronic Frontier and World Land Trust.

    The first three games available in the package include "Bounden", "Auro", and "Avernum: Escape From The Pit". These three titles can be yours for the amount of your choosing. If you choose to pay more than the current average which is $4.31 you will also receive "80 Days", "Kingdom Rush Origins", and "Riddick: The Merc Files". More games will be unlocked later in the campaign if you go with this package as well! 80 Days is worth $5 by itself, so getting it through the Humble Bundle is an excellent deal.

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