Humble Bundle 14 Has Just Been Released!

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    Humble Bundle is the quickest and most affordable way to build your mobile game collection. Humble Bundle offers bundles of games on a monthly basis featuring a particular developer. HB lets you chose what you want to pay for the bundle. You can also chose who gets your money. You can designate your money to got Humble Bundle, the developer, or the featured charity, you can also split your payment up between the three.

    The latest humble bundle brings 6 new games to your mobile device. The games normally would set you back $21 if purchased separately. If you pay $1 or more you get the first 3 games in the bundle including Amelia: Kids Story Book, Toy Defense: Premium, and One More Line : Humble Edition. If you pay more than the current average which is now $4.41 you get the next three games which include Double Dragon Trilogy, Autumn Dynasty : RTS, and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Head to the link below to grab your Humble Bundle.

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