Humble Mobile Bundle Brings Board Games To Your Android

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    Humble Mobile Bundle is back from their hiatus with their second mobile game pack for Android since they retired the deal. Humble Mobile Bundle allows you to chose the price you would like to pay for a Bundle of games. You name your price and even name who gets your money. You can choose to give a portion of your proceeds to Charity, the developer, or HMB.

    This month's bundle includes a board game theme. Games featured include Carcassonne, Scotland Yard, Ticket To Ride, San Juan, Galaxy Trucker, Splendor, Catan, THE aMAZEing Labyrinth, and more games to come later in the month. You unlock more games the more you Pay. The first package is unlocked at $1, the second package is unlocked at $3 and the third package is unlocked at $5. Head to the link below to grab many games for a low price.

    via HumbleBundle