Humble Mobile Bundle 16 Is Live!

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    Humble mobile bundle brings you some of the most popular games around for android to you at whatever price you decide to pay. This bundle functions as a way to donate to charity as you pick up some highly reduced price games! The 16th Humble Mobile Bundle just went live and it packs lots of games from no one developer in particular. You are able to name your price here and can even choose who your money goes to. You can mark your payment to go to Humble, the selected charity, or the developer. You can also split your payment up between all three.

    If you pay $1 or more you get Outwitters, Block Legends, and Rocket ROBO. If you pay the average or more which is currently $4.19 you unlock an additional 3 games which include Ys Chronicles 1, Space Marshals, and Alone. More games will be coming to Humble Mobile Bundle 16 which will be unlocked to you later on if you choose to pay more than the current average.

    Via HumbleBundle