EA Won't Take A Cut Of Their Humble Bundle Sales!

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    Humble Bundle offers a Bundle of games for whatever price you choose to pay. This is normally a good way for you to pick up a few games that you may have been eyeing but would never pay full price for. The Humble bundle normally allow you to split your cost between the developer, humble bundle, and charity. Over the yeas Humble Bundle has raised over $50million for charity.

    Humble Origin Bundle 2 will be available for the next two weeks and will feature some very popular games from EA. All money goes to charity and humble bundle since EA has opted out of making any money. Charities supported by this Humble Bundle include "Girls Who Code", "The V Foundation", and "buildOn". The bundle includes $132 worth of video games.

    Titles include:
    Dragon Age Origins
    Dead Space
    Dead Space 2
    Medal Of Honor AAWC&CCG
    Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfar
    Dragon Age 2
    Bejeweled 3
    Mass Effect

    Via HumbleBundle
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