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    Have been using BB for far too long. Wanted something much nicer but was told to stay far far away from the storm, what a dissapointment. Wont leave verizon, it seems the are working there way down from the errogant high horse approace to doing businss and focusing back on the customer and their needs. Hooray for that. Connections have always been good and 90% of my friends are on it. That all being said I was not switching to AT&T to get teh i phone I so coveted. My contract was up in September and I was sitting on my ne2 and could not find ANY phone i wanted. Then I heard about the droid. I could not wait. THe month it took to show up in stores about killed me. Through rebate and ne2 was only $99 (Yeah) and the accessories are must have and very fairly priced. With corp discount the doc is only 23 bucks, I got 2, and the car doc, oh how I love that too and at only 23 bucks.

    Anyways I love my phone most of the time. Have several things I am working through which cause me mass frustration. I feel confident through this forum I will get connected to people who can really help. 2 messages out already, so lets see how it goes. THanks for setting this up.:):angry::laugh: