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    Ok so i got the phone last thursday and this being my first smart phone i did not charge the battery until two days later by then it was at about 15 percent. Once it got there i charged it to full battery and since then i have been charging once i get home in the afternoon and its constantly been at about 60% when i get home. And just if your wondering i have been on the internet and apps everyday since i got the phone. But ultimatly my question is is my battery permanatly affected because i did not charge it for 7-8 hours the first time?
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    No, you likely did no damage. A healthy battery can stand an infrequent deep discharge to 0% since the phone actually treats about 3V as the 0% threshold. The real risk is when someone deep discharges to 0% and the phone's meter is out of calibration with the battery's ACTUAL capacity, in which case the battery can actually be pushed to a point of no-return, especially if left at 0% for an extended period of time (such as overnight).

    What you probably should do is power off the phone at your next opportunity, then plug in the charge cable and let the phone charge to 100% in Charge Only mode. Once fully saturation charged, go ahead and power back up and use to the "low battery" warning again (15%), then do the same charging with power off again. After that charge/discharge/charge, the phone and battery will be in sync and the levels displayed will be as accurate as they can be. That process should be repeated at best every 40 or so charges, but at least every 2 or 3 months can suffice.

    I would try to avoid ever letting the phone get to 0%, but there is no risk to be at 15% or even lower, just so long as you are near a charger or you can power down until then.

    Best luck!

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