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    Free on the Play Store (no ads) or $1.99 to open a few more features.[​IMG]
    Are you ever in Google Maps and wish you could shrink the map without losing it entirely? With this handy little app you can because it floats on top of your screen. Touch the screen anywhere not covered by the app and it acts as normal, like the map isn't even there.[​IMG].
    Move it around, make it bigger or smaller [​IMG] or just tap it anywhere else in the map to make it disappear but still be available to bring right back up by tapping the translucent icon [​IMG]
    To exit the app/close the map just tap the 3 line icon on the right [​IMG] and tap the on/off toggle in the upper right corner .[​IMG]
    This app is something I've been wanting for years for when I'm driving and texting (just kidding. I don't do that unless sitting at a light or stopped in a traffic jam) .
    So far I've used it here and there and it seems to use no more battery than just the location GPS uses anyway , which btw turns on without the annoying "do you want to use GPS" after the first time using it.
    For those who want live traffic reports you'll have to upgrade to the premium version to unlock that feature. Since I've already spent my "app allowance" for this paycheck I'll be upgrading next time I get paid to support the developer more than anything.

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    If I didn't have a Samsung that would be a great app to have. Fortunately maps is one of those floatable apps. But it seems as if that one has more features. [​IMG]

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