Google Maps for Android Review

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    Do you use Google Maps on your android, I like it on my Nexus one.
    New in Google Maps: :icon_ banana:
    * Places icon in the app launcher
    * Tap the Navigation icon to see the map view for 3D maps
    * Navigation (Beta)
    * Search by voice
    * My Location
    * Business listings
    * Directions
    * Traffic
    * Layers
    * Street View
    * Latitude
    * Google Buzz

    As far as mobile mapping goes, Google Maps for Android offers one of the best experiences you can get. The feature-fest, which Google has been building on for years, doesn’t just tell you where you are using nothing but GPS or cell tower triangulation. It also tells you how to get where you want to go by car, public transport, good old-fashioned shoe leather, and now, by bike. Voice-guided navigation takes you turn by turn, and voice search keeps your typing fingers fresh.

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