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    So I've now had this problem twice this week, but never had this issue before.

    Last Saturday I was headed to a friends house for a party. I placed my phone in the card dock and accessed the Navigation app. Drove to his house and everything worked fine. As soon as I got to his house, I pulled my phone off the card dock and noticed that it was running really laggy which it has never done before. I paid it no mind and just did a soft reboot (Power button/reboot). Later on that night I tried calling a friend, and noticed that my phone would show it was connected but I couldn't hear anything even my voice when you speak into the mic. After doing a soft reboot again and making a couple of test phone calls, I still had the same issue. This time I did a hard reboot (removed the battery) and that seemed to fix the problem.

    Here I am a week later exactly. I've been using my phone this morning sending texts, checking Facebook and doing some light browsing. I placed a phone call and same thing. Shows connected but can't hear anything at all. Soft rebooted the phone and experiencing the same problem. Pulled the battery and now it's working fine again.

    I find this problem very odd since I've NEVER experienced anything like this. The first time it happened last week I figured it must have been some type of problem with an app or something since the phone was acting laggy, but today my phone has been running just fine and had the same issue with phone calls.

    Has anyone else encountered this type of problem before?


    Maybe I should have posted this in the ROM forum since I'm not running a stock DX...lol
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