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    So earlier last week, I made a Python script to create the logo.bin. This time I made it completely automated, all the way to flashing it.

    The new program is called Auto Boot Logo Creator. It has this name because all you need to know how to do is edit an image in Photoshop or paint or whatever. This Python script/program does all the rest for you.

    It can:
    1) Take a 24-bit BMP image that you create (or you can edit the one I've supplied [a red Google logo]) and performs all necessary operations to create a logo.bin file (the logo)

    2) Take that logo.bin file and put it into a flashable .zip file which you can then directly flash from Clockwork recovery

    3) Take the created .zip and push it to the root of your SD card for you (folder containing adb.exe located in PATH environment variable required)

    So what this means for you is that putting a new boot logo on your phone will go like this:
    1) Edit image
    2) Run script
    3) Boot into clockwork and flash
    4) Done

    It's really that easy. When testing this on Windows 7, I've found that the easiest screen layout for running the script is to have the AutoBootLogoCreator folder on one half of the screen and a command prompt window with the script in it on the other. That way you can drag and drop easier and do multiple edits quickly.

    I've included a tutorial for making your own image and using the program in a text file in the AutoBootLogoCreator folder. Please read that before starting.

    Enjoy and let me know if you have any problems or questions! Feedback on the program, and possibly what else I could add would be nice too.
    I'm currently working on an alternative to ApkManager that has this functionality integrated, along with a bunch of other stuff so any feedback you can give is appreciated. That should be done this week (hopefully)
    Red Google Logo on Black BG Boot Logo (Made with this script):

    Note: If you want to do it manually, here's the information:

    For those of you not familiar with TBH's flashable, read here:
    How to change your boot image: Droid X and Droid 2 Style
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