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    This script has been updated and upgraded to support the creation of the and pushing it to your phone. Also, it no longer requires Python to be installed...

    New Version here:

    For those of you not familiar with TBH's flashable, read here:
    How to change your boot image: Droid X and Droid 2 Style

    For those that are, and are tired of using booting up a Hex Editor, I wrote a simple python script that does the hex edits for you. I've tested this on my Droid X with the input image being something I created in Photoshop. Please ensure that your image is of the correct size (480 X 182) and note that supposedly this only works on the Droid X and D2. I'm not responsible for whatever you do to your phone. I've put in some quick error checks that should prevent most slipups (for example, it won't do anything unless you have a correctly sized .bmp file).

    Flashing a boot logo to your phone is not a trivial procedure, if you don't trust the script I wrote, don't use it. The code is commented so you can see exactly what it's doing. Better yet, do the edits how you normally would in your hex editor and save. Compare the file you edited manually to the outputted binary from my script (using diff in Linux).

    Red Google Logo on Black BG Boot Logo (Made with this script):
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