Looking for suggestions for replacements for some iPhone apps and learning Android

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    Switched over from a iPhone (after several years) and got myself a Samsung S4 the other day. It is very nice and I am enjoying using it (even my die-hard Apple fan-boy friend had to admit it was a very nice phone). However, there are some things that I enjoyed on my iPhone that I am having a little problem finding alternatives to. They are:

    • How do I access photos? I see the Gallery app, but not all of my photos that I've taken are there. Also, if I transfer other photos to my S4, which directory (on the SD Card) should I place them?

    • For both audiobooks and podcasts, is there an app that
      1) allows skips forward/backwards in 15 second (or other) increments?
      2) Resumes the place left off. However, some of the "audiobooks" are lectures that I or others have recorded so they are not true audiobooks, but I still need to be able to save my spot when I leave the app.
      3) Allow you to increase/decrease the speed. If it can maintain the pitch, that is even better (and dare I say, expected).

    • Assuming I am not rooting my phone, what is the best way to back up the phone?

    • Is there a way to adjust the pages/make folders/add widgets/move icons, etc. without doing it on the phone itself? I feel I have more control and that it would be easier for me to do it from Windows.

    • Although iTunes was a bloated mess, it did organize music for me nicely. Is there a good way or technique to organize music?

    Thank you so much for the help!