interrupted rooting -> code corrupt

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    I have the OG Droid and the Galaxy Nexus. The OG has turned into a test phone, and I decided to try to root it and have it use jelly bean. I am on a mac and I tried a few things on your site, but as it seemed that I finally got the sbf_flash program to run using the MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Only_SPRecovery_0.99.3b.sbf file, (it was in the "downloading code" section I believe) my power went out for a sec and my computer had to restart, ever since then every time i try to mount/boot the phone I get the following

    code corrupt
    Battery Low
    Cannot program

    I tried searching around your site, but I kept on coming up with solutions that only got me part of the way there, since it seems that I cannot even get my phone to connect to the computer.

    Any Help?
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