How to obtain a logcat for submitting bugs(windows and linux compatible)

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    This will also be added to start [CVPCS Android Wiki] wiki

    This assumes you are not afraid or and know how to access the command prompt in windows or linux, and know how to use the internet for looking up things you may not know how to do.

    1. The android SDK must be installed, you can go to Android Developers for instructions to install

    2. Open the command prompt and CD to the SDK directory(unless you add the SDK directory to your PATH)

    2a. For linux users you will need to create a file for the system to recognize your device.(see start [CVPCS Android Wiki], installing the SDK)

    3. Attach the device to the computer via the usb cable, on the device enable usb debugging

    4. Type in the following "adb logcat > log.txt" press Enter, it should apear as if nothign is happening.

    5. Once the command has been entered use the phone to recreate the bug.

    6. Disconnect the phone from the usb cable

    7. In the SDK directory there will now be a file called log.txt, go to Bugzilla Main Page,

    8. Search for a the bug in question, should there not be a bug create a new one, be sure to give details on how to recreate said bug, and attach the log.txt before submitting.

    8a. If said bug has already been submitted, write a comment on the current bug, detailing how to recreate the bug and attach log.txt.

    thanks for helping us make a better rom!
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