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    Another boot animation fix comin at ya. A TON of people want to know how to add and change sounds on custom boot animations on the Droid X2 and like all of them I could not find enough info on the world wide web that I could send a link to them to help out. SO after a little bit of messing around and some help from WugFresh I have the answer.

    The apps:
    First you will need a couple apps. You will need absolute system, root explorer and file converter. You can get them from the android market, just do a search for them. They're not free but if you know anything about root you probably already have root explorer and maybe even absolute system, but you will need file converter by ice cold apps.

    The programs:
    Again if you know anything or a decent amount about root you probably already have these programs but if not then download them. You will need 7Zip (preferably 7Zip) because as far as I know it is one of the only if not the only program that can zip files correctly WITHOUT compression which is mandatory because if there is any compression applied to the bootanimatiom.zip file OT WILL NOT WORK! You will also need either GVIM or Editor++ in order to properly edit the desc.txt file in the bootanimation.zip which we all know is what makes the boot animation work and if that is not configured correctly then, well, you're gonna be throwing things.

    The method:

    Find the boot animation you want and download it using absolute system or from whatever source, whether it be from a forum thread or whatever. If you download it from a source other than absolute system you have to make sure before applying it you have to place it on the root of your sd card and make sure it is not named bootanimation.zip if there are other boot animations on your sd card because if they are named the same, obviously, they will overwrite eachother so name them however you want.

    Find the sound you want to use, it can be any sound file as long as it's short enough (or not) to play completely on boot. Download it, place it in your sd card and open the file converter app. Use file converter to find the file and once you've found and selected it select to convert it to .ogg. It MUST be converted to .ogg or it WILL NOT work. Once it is converted find the converted version ("sound".ogg or "whatever you named it".ogg) and use root explorer to move it to /sytem/media and leave it there for now.

    Plug your phone in to your computer, make sure USB debugging is enabled, and put your phone into USB mass storage mode once your phone is connected. Open up the files from your sd card on your computer and find the boot animation .zip you are going to change and move it to your computer. Next open up 7Zip and find the boot animation .zip file you just moved. Select the file and extract it to wherever you want to on your computer. Once you have extracted the .zip files with 7Zip go to the extracted files on your computer.

    Note: (This next part will save the edited version as the orginal version so if you want to make a backup before you edit it just rename however you want or copy it into a separate folder named desc backup.) :)

    Right click on the extracted desc.txt file from the boot animation amd right click on it. Once you right click you will see an option that says either "edit with Editor++" or "edit with VIM" depending on which program you decided on (I prefer Editor++). Select the option and it will open up the desc.txt in your editor of choice. There may be a lost of guidelines in the desc.txt file for editing parts of the desc.txt but this is usually only in stock boot animations. Decide where you want the sound file to play and comment in the sound file you want to use by adding a line under the part you choose it to play at by typing "s 'sound'.ogg" DO NOT type what I wrote verbatim, the name 'sound' is just to give an example. Here is an example of a desc.txt file that has been edited to have sound:
    (The red part is the sound line)

    Notice the name of the sound in the desc.txt file is the same as the one I want to use. I hate to sound like I'm trying to make you feel stupid, which I am most definitely not, I just want to make sure this is detailed enough for anyone to follow.

    4. Continued:
    Once you have commented in the sound line, and you can add as many as you want just make sure you read the guidelines in the example desc.txt file above, save the file and exit your editor.

    5. Open 7Zip and find the extracted boot animation files again with the edited desc.txt file. Make sure that the only files showing up in 7Zip are the boot animation files you extracted including the original desc.txt file that was edited and only that edited one, not the backup if you made one. In the menu bar on the 7Zip program click on "edit" and click on "select all" in the drop down menu that pops up. Next click "file" in the menu bar, move your cursor to the 7Zip option and when the drop down menu pops up click on "add to archive..." Then when the window pops up just change the name to whatever you want, select "zip" in the Archive format drop down menu, select "store" in the compression level drop down menu (you must select store or the boot animation .zip file you are creating will be compressed and as I mentioned above it won't work with compression) and then click "OK" to create the .zip file. Once it is created go ahead and move it onto the root of your sd card.

    6. Unplug your phone from your computer and once the sd card is mounted open up absolute system. Go to boot animations and press menu and selct "boot animation editor." Press menu again and select "import from sd card." Find the boot animation you edited and slect it. Pres menu once it brings up the window with all the .png images and select "import" and when the window pops up prompting you to name the bootanimatiom just name it however you want and select "import." In order for the boot animation you edited to show up in your list of downloaded boot animations in absolute system you must first close absolute system and reopen it, go into boot animation editor again and it should be there. Select your edited boot animation and when it opens up the window with all the .png images press menu and select "desc.txt editor" which will open up the desc.txt file in absolute systems own editor. Scroll down untill you see the "s" line you commented in and press on it, this will open up a small window prompting you to choose the file from either /data/local or /system/media. Selct to choos from /system/media and there will be a list of .ogg files to choose from (if there are more than one you put in there). Select which one you want to play for that line. This is just to make sure the bootanimation.zip is using the right .ogg file and so your phone knows where to play it from on boot. You can change these if you want but you cannot comment lines in or out using absolute system. Once you have finished making changes or confirming the sound files press menu and select "save changes." Once it's done saving the changes press back.


    7.Sorry for yelling :) hehe. Once absolute system is done saving the desc.txt file and you have pressed back to re-enter the .png images window in absolute system press home and open up root explorer. In root explorer go to /system/media where you placed your .ogg files and move them again into /system/media/audio/notifications and press home key again. Open absolute system and install the boot animation to /data/local by selecting change install location and selecting "/data/local" and reboot your phone. If the sound does not play, which it should, install the boot animation in BOTH /data/local AND /system/media using absolute system.

    You should now have sound along with your boot animation. I hope you all have fun adding crazy sounds to your boot animations. The thanks button is always happy when you press it! :)
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