[GUIDE]Fixing white lines/spots and color differences on custom boot animations

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    [HOW TO]Fixing white lines/spots and color differences on custom boot animations

    Ok so I have seems lot of people complaining that some custom boot animations have annoying flickering white lines and spots on the very outside edges. This is easily fixed. This usually only happens with boot animations that are supposed to be the same size as your screen which they technically are but still have a very slight size difference, usually smaller.

    The app
    The easiest way to fix this is by using the absolute system app which can be downloaded from the android market. You can either download the boot animations from the apps db or you can import them from your sd card. You must be rooted in order to install custom boot animations from absolute system, rom toolbox, root tools or any other app that offers custom boot animations.

    Boot animations
    In absolute system go to boot animations. From there you can download a boot animation you like or you can import one by pressing the menu button on your phone and selecting boot animation editor and then pressing your phones menu again and select import from sd card. From there you can import any bootanimation.zip that is placed in the root of your sd card.

    1. Once you have decided which boot animation you want to install you need to go back into the boot animation editor in absolute system and select the boot animation of your choice.

    2. You should now see a screen with all of the png files or pictures that make up the boot animation.

    3. Once you see that you must press your phones menu button again and select "edit desc.txt." This will bring up a screen with absolute systems text editor window with the boot animations desc.txt information. It will show the resolution of your device which for the X2 should be 540x960.

    4. Go to the boot animations resolution/size line and select it ( it should be the first or second line in the desc.txt file or if its a stock boot animation from your or another device there will be a list describing the contents of the file and how they work. In that case scroll down until you see a number that appears the same as your devices screen size (540x960 or other numbers) and select it.
    5. This should bring up a window with the numbers of the size that can be edited. You can now change the size or resolution of the boot animation to fit your screen. In order to assure that there are none of those annoying white lines and spots and that there is no color difference between the darkness of the black background in the bootanimation ( if it has it) and the default darkness of your phone OR in the event that the boot animation you're trying to install has a differently colored background and you don't want any black around the bootanimation here is what you do:

    6. change the size of the boot animation NOT to the exact size of your phones screen but to 2 over it (I.e. not 540x960 but to 542x962). This will ensure no white lines/spots, differences in darkness or black surrounding a differently colored boot animation WITHOUT making the boot animation too big to the point that it cuts off parts of the animation.

    If any body has any questions about how to change other aspects of a boot animation such as sounds, speed, looping and adding parts just request it in a comment to this thread and I will answer as best I can.

    SBF'd (sent blazingly fast) from my Alienated X2
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