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Which feature do you like the most

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  2. Seeing your mom's tweet when she calls

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  3. Having your address book being updated in realtime

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  4. NO MORE PRANK CALLS. aka No more unknown calls.

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    We make Contactive(it's an app)(just to make sure we're on the same page here). It's guaranteed to rustle your jimmies(insert sips ref here).

    I guess I should say something about the app now. Um, well it makes your phone ring, or vibrate, when you get a call. It tells you if a celebrity is calling you like Dr. Dre or if its your mailman, or if its just your mum.

    "But wait there's more", if your mom's on twitter, and let's face it there's like a 99% chance she is, it will show you her latest tweet before you pick up her call... you'll be prepared. Also too it'll import all of your friends from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin(if you have a job), and Gmail to your phone in Contactive's own
    realtime addressbook (not the fake time). It identifies unknown calls too by crawling over the inter-webs for all public information connected to that number(ie. location, name,a picture if available, and some other stuff I cant remember) so that you know who or what(bots are famous for prank calling peoples) is calling you all before you pick up the call.

    We've received some great feedback lately and we're hungry like a wolf for moar. That's where you come in. Fill our suggestion box full of stuff. Types of feedback that we like to munch on:
    - all positive comments
    - A bunch of five stars pls
    - words that want to make us cry
    - And I'm legally bound to ask for some constructive criticism. Not too much though. Our dev's get angry pretty easily(please do not tweet to contactive that i said that).

    Also too our lead dev is single(lololololol) he like's to go on very brief walks on the beach, he gets tired very easily, and his fave movie is the about the ring.

    Seriously though Try my product.png

    Contactive is also on Samsung Apps
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